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Brookleas Fish Farm host birthday parties that are something quite different to most. If you are looking for a fun and unique party this is the right place.

. Activities offered include group fishing, where the children's catch can barbecued for them or prepared to take home, unique farm themed party games and tour of the farm!

A party host will be provided for the party to help make the day extra special!


     On arrival the children will be given a tour of the farm and learn a little bit about a working trout farm whilst enjoying being able to feed the fish and explore. 

    After this they will be set up on the catch your own for their chance of learning how to fish. One fish per child is included in the price per head (they are free to catch more with the additional cost of the fish at approximately £3.50 each). 

    Now that the children have caught their own fish, they are able to watch it be cleaned and prepared. They can enjoy on the BBQ later or take them home.



     Brookleas parties also include a range of fun party games around the theme of the fish farm. 

     These games have been a great success before and the children have enjoyed the uniqueness. 

    The fish farm themed games offered include:

  • Pin the beak on the heron 

  • Rubber duck races on the stream 

  • Nature scavenger hunt (prize for winner) 


    A special twist on the party food is that Brookleas allows children to catch their food and enjoy the fresh trout to be prepared on a BBQ for them when they are ready to eat. 

    All trout will be prepared and cooked for them by us on the day (however they can take it home if preferred). 

     Parents are welcome to bring any other food and cakes that can be refrigerated for them and set up ready to enjoy in our picnic area.

      Squash is provided for the children throughout the party and tea and coffees for the adults.
Illustrated Dinner
Candy from the Jar


   The party package also includes a homemade, fish themed goody bag. 

    The bags are suitable for both girls and boys. 

     They are full of fish themed goodies to help them remember their special day at Brookleas!

A party at Brookleas Fish Farm will last approx. 3 hours with a party host provided.

The price per child is £16.95 and the minimum number of children is 10

All adults are free but pay for their catch.

For any further information or bookings please call me on: 07887 513019 or      01235 820500 

or email me:

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