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At Brookleas there is a school trip  and lesson suited to every ability, every age and every season. School trips  involve activities such as learning to fish, finding various wildlife around the farm or pond dipping. Observing the natural habitats of wildlife and the ecological features of a water course can be  beneficial to Biology and Geography classes all the way up to A-level.

 School trips that Brookleas have put on before have been a great success as children enjoy learning about the world around them at first hand and getting out of the class room to do so.

Brookleas also caters lessons to children with learning disabilities or behavioral difficulties and has found that a practical and visual approach to lessons by being on the farm can be very useful.

Primary School and KS3

   Children between ages of primary school to year 9 will benefit from the unique learning experience Brookleas offer. 

They will learn about a working trout farm first hand and the balanced  Eco-system needed for a water course. 

   They will also have a lesson in the life cycle of fish including their breeding, habitat and anatomy. 

   Children will also take part in fun and practical activities such as pond dipping and learning to fish. 

   School trips in the past have always been a success, with teachers feeling that their class have benefited from learning about water habitats whilst being able to witness it themselves.  


GCSE and A-Level

  Brookleas Fish Farm offers an example of a sustainable Eco-system and water course which fits into all areas of course work and field studies for both Biology and Geography courses. 

  Students at the farm will be provided with the opportunity to observe these water courses and habitats and record their own data for assessments.  

   Students are also given the opportunity to end the day with some fishing in the 'catch your own'

   Biology students will also benefit from being given the chance to see a dissected fish allowing a more in depth analysis of its anatomy.  

Lily Pads

Students with disabilities 

   Students with learning disabilities or behavioral difficulties may also benefit from day at Brookleas. 

    Activities exploring the farm and the fishes' habitat can be tailored to all levels. 

    In the past students have also benefited from the visual and therapeutic aspects of fishing lessons.  



School trips cost £10 per child, which includes the price of 1 fish caught in the lake. 

Please call on 07887513019 or 01235 820500 

or email me: with any further questions or regarding bookings. 

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