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If you are looking to buy trout but don't want to visit the farm, please come see me at your local Farmers' market. I will be selling fresh trout, smoked trout, pâté and occasionally smoked eel and seasonal caviar. I look forward to meeting you and letting you know some of my favorite tips and recipes on how to cook my trout.

Faringdon - 1st Tuesday of the month
Wokingham - 1st Thursday of the month
Banbury - 1st Friday of the month
Reading - 1st Saturday of the month 
Newbury - 1st Sunday of the month 
Thame - 2nd Tuesday of the month 
Notting Hill - 2nd Saturday of the month 
Maidenhead - 2nd Sunday of the month 
Abingdon - 3rd Friday of the month
Reading - 3rd Saturday of the month
Queen's Park - 3rd Sunday of the month
Henley - 4th Thursday of the month 
Beaconsfield - 4th Saturday of the month

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