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If you’re looking to follow the journey of your fish from pond to plate, come visit us at Brookleas  Fish Farm to catch your own fish. Our delightful catch your own pool is well stocked with our rainbow trout and is the perfect place to go fishing for all ages and all abilities.

Even dogs are welcome!


All bait and rods are provided, so all you need to do is to pay for your catch as you go!

You can even eat it fresh there!

farm 4.jpg

People of all ages and abilities enjoy their time at Brookleas all year round! 

Please get in touch on 07887513019 or 01235 820500 to discuss a day for your visit

If you’d prefer to eat your catch at the farm, feel free to bring your own BBQ, and all your fish can be cleaned for you so it’s ready to cook and enjoy in our picnic area for a lovely family lunch out.
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